Stein Witzmann (1999) is a multi-talented performing artist. He is an actor, humourist and not afraid of anyone.

At the age of eleven, Stein climbed the stage for the first time and seems to have found his place there. He has been part of multiple different theatre groups and finished a preparatory course in acting and performing. Stein noticed that he was growing fond of his skills to make other people laugh and decided to specialise in being a wisecracker.

 “It’s physically possible to make such a good joke that someone laughs themselves to death. That’s what I aim to do. I would love to be a part of that historical court case. Obviously I’ll take less if I have to. I’m not THAT difficult. If I continue making jokes, there has to come a day when somebody chokes whilst drinking his or her Ice Tea and then it’ll all be worth it.”

Aside from his capabilities on stage, Stein also has a lot to offer in the recording studio. That is because he is an experienced voice actor too. He frequently gets asked to voice eccentric characters, and his natural talanet for imitations has also not gone unnoticed. Where most people practice for days to get their pronunciations right, Stein magically spits out a perfectly developed accent whenever he wants to.

“Yes, when it comes to my voice I can do quite a lot. I barely have to practice for it either. If it’s within my vocal range I’ll be able to master an accent within a few minutes. That’s probably some evolutionary thing. Sometimes, when I’m alone in my room, cleaning or something. I’ll catch myself having entire conversations in fake French, Swedish or Swahili. I only notice that I’m doing it after someone walks in and looks at me as if I have some type of mental disability.


In the coming months, Stein wants to make a name for himself within the world of stand-up comedy. To do this, he is preparing his own solo performance.

 “I believe it’s very important to keep reinventing yourself. If I can, I won’t do the same thing twice. Maybe that makes me unfit to be a doctor, bus driver or chief of design at Apple Inc, but in the world of theatre, a little originality is often appreciated. The people want to see something they haven’t seen before. When they go to see Hamlet for the tenth time in their lives, they don’t go because they forgot the story. They go because they want to see what this new version has that the previous ones didn’t. That’s how I want to be too. Not someone that takes the easy road. I’ll work myself through a concrete wall instead. Sue me. “