Oscar Scheepers (1999) is not your basic ‘vanilla’ artist. He is a writer, performer, entrepreneur, filmmaker, manager, musician and much more. He is currently studying ‘Creative Writing’ at ‘ArtEZ University of the Arts’ whilst, simultaneously, running his own company. Within his company he manages talents like Goy Gadol, Stein Witzmann, Manus Drijfnad and Carsten T. MacDonald, so they can become important figures in their creative fields.

Oscar was born in The Hague but moved shortly after that. For most of his youth, he resided in Koewacht (Zeelandic Flanders), where he started making art. He debuted at FoxArt with his two videos that were later praised for their witty humour and outstanding creativity. In later years, he acted in multiple theatre productions and won the provincial heat for ‘Kunstbende 2016’ in the ‘Language’ category.

 I wish I could do everything, but I have yet to find a way to split myself into six different people. The art world is so diverse that it’s almost a shame not to try and have a little taste of everything. Fact is though, that it’s often better to be good at one thing than to be average at a whole bunch of things. My company is a nice compromise for that I’d say. At least for me, it is.”

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