Goy Gadol (1999) is a rapper, record producer, spoken word artist and slam poet. He only believes in one holy trinity: Rhyme, Rhythm and Raw honesty. All else is luxury.

Through refreshing collaborations and shameless originality, Goy Gadol is slowly starting to conquer the Dutch hip-hop scene. 

“Mate, it’s time for new shit. We have to stop giving credit to these edgy gangster rappers from Almelo or Etten-Leur. Stop acting tough and quit talking shit about the hard life you live on the streets. Smoking cheap cigarettes in front of the local Aldi doesn’t qualify.”

Quotes like these aren’t a rarity for Goy Gadol. Most people appreciate him for his lack of censorship. He says whatever he wants and doesn’t give a shit about what the public might think of him.

“Freedom of speech should be so free that you can say whatever you want, whenever you want. Doesn’t mean you always have to say it, but that sure feels good man.”

Of course, Goy Gadol gets plenty of criticism too. Not everyone is a fan of his ‘brutally honest’ works. If you know a few words in Hebrew it doesn’t take a genius to translate ‘Goy Gadol’ to ‘Big/Cool gentile’, a name that could easily be interpreted as offensive or antisemitic. Still, Goy Gadol believes he has nothing to be ashamed of.

“Fuck the Jews. Literally, get yourself a nice Jewish girlfriend. I’ve got one too. Then you’ll see that most Jews can take a joke. That shit is rare nowadays so I have nothing but respect for my kippah-wearing homeboys!”

Currently, Goy Gadol is busy writing new spoken word texts and producing his next rap-album. Nobody knows what’s coming, so you better keep an eye out!