Carsten T. MacDonald (1999) is an analytical pyschologist, essayist, non-fiction writer and talented debater.

Very few people are as critical about ideas as Carsten T. MacDonald. He will always be the first person in the room to speak up when faulty information is presented and (in exchange) give you a detailed and accurate explaination as to why you are wrong. His motivation? We’ll let him explain it in his own words.

“It is everyone’s moral duty to pursue the truth. If we don’t, we will start lying about more than just our shortcomings and think it has the same validity as the roundness of our planet. Everyone should feel personally responsible for the emergence of  organisations like The Flat Earth Society and think really hard about what they have done to facilitate such blatant stupidity in their daily lives. I guarantee you, once you think about it properly you will realise it’s a whole lot more then you are going to be comfortable with.”

Due to his bilingual upbringing, Carsten is well-spoken in both English and Dutch. This has given him a communicative advantage from a young age and a great interest in societal engagement.

Since 2016 Carsten has been writing and editing articles. His subjects of interest include religion, freedom of speech and the development of neo-existentialism.

Even though Carsten might appear cold and clinical, it wouldn’t be an accurate assessment. He considers it of vital importance to help other people with his work.

“If you believe you have something to say, formulate it precisely and share it with people you trust. It won’t take long for you to figure out whether or not it was worth anything. Most people aren’t the right judge for their own idea’s. My own work either needs to help and inform a  group or help and inform a specific individual. If it does that I can consider it a success.”

In the near future, Carsten wants to expand his work onto different platforms. Together with Oscar Scheepers he is working on ways to share his idea’s through Podcasts, Video’s and Lectures.